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Welcome to 911Addiction. Addiction takes many forms. When most people think of addiction, they think of alcohol and drugs. Anything that keeps you in bondage where you have no control is addiction. This can come in the form of food, cigarettes, gambling and sex. Some people are addicted to television. This maybe one of the least harmful ones, but if you can’t say no to it you are addicted.

This site will focus on the addictions that change you and disrupt your life. The various 12 step programs can be used for anything if you are committed to it. This site won’t just be about the programs that can help such as AA, NA, OA, or inpatient and out patient programs. It will also be about the things that drive us to an addiction.

Addicts are in intense emotional pain. We keep it way down inside where we think we won’t feel it. Everything we do during the day is in an effort to keep it at bay. To face it, is more than we can bear. It will always eventually rear its ugly head and off we go to squelch it.

I will touch on spirituality as well. AA talks about believing in a higher power, if we can’t believe in God. AA also talks about making meetings a higher power. It is not my intent to offend anyone. I think we need to know there is something greater than ourselves or we would have no hope. Admittedly, most of us haven’t been able to do very well on our own in the face of addiction.

I welcome people sharing their experiences and feelings in the comment section following the articles. The name you use can be one of your own choice when making a comment and will appear with the comment. The e-mail address that you use when making a comment, will not appear, but is used for auto notification that your comment is approved and when somebody replies to it. The e-mail address is visible to site administrators, but will never be given out nor used by them. Your anonymity will be protected. Thanks for letting me share and keep coming.

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