This Too Shall Pass

This Too Shall Pass

Alcoholics Anonymous(AA) has many wonderful slogans and “This Too Shall Pass” is one of my favorites. So often when life is throwing things at us we think it will never end. It is hard to remember when life was easier. Unfortunately this kind of attitude can be a trigger that may cause us to drink or drug. That negative feeling that nothing will ever be okay again can take us back out there in a heartbeat. Addicts and alcoholics are masters at wallowing in negativity and that poor me mentality.

I have been on this earth for many years and I have learned that the bad times don’t last. I think we have them to learn lessons that we wouldn’t learn any other way. I also believe that we would not appreciate the good times without having walked through the bad ones. Many addicts and alcoholics especially in early sobriety walk emotional tightropes. Emotions are all over the place and because we can be rather selfish and totally in tune to ourselves we have to attach an action to these emotions. The action could be to talk to as many people about what is bothering us as we can. I am not saying that it isn’t important to have someone to talk to. It isn’t necessary to tell everyone we see about our problem. Having one or two people who know us well and care about us is sufficient.

I have found that when something is bothering me I take the time to think about it before I talk to anyone. I am a firm believer that we have the answers inside of us if we could learn how to slow down and relax. We need to realize that “this too shall pass” and it isn’t necessary to become over emotional and stressed out. When I am going through times of feeling down I know that something is going on inside my mind that requires some kind of change. Something in my life isn’t working and it is showing itself by my emotions. This is a good time to talk to someone we trust or I find that writing in my journal helps enormously. The important thing to remember is that nothing last forever and “this too shall pass”.

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