The Value of a Support System in Sobriety

The value of a support system in sobriety is key for the addict or alcoholic. I am not referring to Alcoholics Anonymous or some other recovery group. I am talking about the people in our lives that help us on a day to day basis. My husband is one of my biggest supporters closely followed by my three daughters. These are the people that I have hurt the most and yet they support me the most.
My husband has been through a lot with me as I have struggled with sobriety over the years. He has watched me fall and rooted for me as I slowly raised myself back up again. I can talk to him about wanting to drink or take drugs again and I can share my daily triumphs with him. He has quite a bit of knowledge of this disease and has attended Alcoholics Anonymous with me often. A lesser man would have remained angry at me for failing, but he claims that I am harder on myself than he could ever be.
My daughters, especially the middle one, have watched me fall as well. For them it is a little harder to take because I am the mother and mothers are supposed to be strong. In sobriety they watch me do my daily life and are always supportive as they see the strides I make and the changes in me.
Sadly I have seen addicts and alcoholics lose their family through this disease and struggle to maintain sobriety with no supportive family members. I know how difficult it is to be around an active alcoholic or addict as my father was an alcoholic. My childhood was very hard on many levels so I do understand how sober people can have no patience for addicts. As a recovering addict and alcoholic I sometime lose my patience with a few family members that continue to drink.
If you do have supportive people in your life, cherish them. If you don’t you can get support through Alcoholic Anonymous or a therapist. Sometimes good friends can offer that support we need. It is vital to have people around you who understand this disease and root for you.

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