The Sadness of Addiction

The sadness of addiction really hit home for me this past weekend. I have a brother who has been the black sheep of the family for years. He has had very little contact with any one in my family. He has spent years in and out of jail struggling with alcoholism and drug abuse. The last time he was incarcerated my older brother and I did exchange letters with him. From the tone of his letters I began to think he had changed and was looking forward to a life of sobriety and gaining back the trust of family. When he was released from jail he called me and we spoke a few times. Unfortunately most of his conversations were about drinking and taking drugs and his language was offensive. I chose not to speak to him again. Recovering addicts and alcoholics have to be careful about who they associate with. For the sake of my recovery I had to distance myself from him once again.

His father passed away a few days ago. (We have the same mother but different fathers.) He came home for the funeral and proceeded to get so drunk he had to be put in the hospital. He was verbally abuse to family members and we felt he might be a danger to us as well.

Obviously the bottom line is he is once again estranged from the family. I am saddened by the fact that he wanted to be part of the family but couldn’t rise above his addiction. This disease destroys everything. I am thankful that by the Grace of God my addiction didn’t take the road my brother’s has. There are so many addicts and alcoholics who are alone with their addiction. I am hoping that this past weekend will be a wakeup call for my brother. Time will tell.

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