The Hungry Monster

The hungry monster living inside of us is addiction. It is starving for everything we have. It will stop at nothing until it has devoured all that we hold dear. This monster considers our children to be an appetizer and our spouses the main course. Our extended family is this monster’s salad and our possessions are its dessert. During the day the hungry monster needs snacks so it feeds on the things we enjoy doing; taking a class, reading a book, going to the movies.

The sad part of this feeding frenzy is that we almost gladly give him all these things if he will just make us feel good for awhile. We gladly give up that second car we really need for a pack of cigarettes every day. We are willing to risk a heart attack or stroke if we can eat that half gallon of ice cream or that delicious coffee cake. Salad and dessert are a wonderful beginning and end to the meal that we will easily give up for a line of cocaine or a shot of heroin. Why go to the movies when we can sit home with a six-pack of our favorite beer and watch T.V. This hungry monster will steal our money for cable television so we go to the library and get free movies to pop into the DVD player. Life is Good!

When the hungry monster has finally eaten all that we have and we are homeless, hungry and without anyone who cares about us he just moves on to the next person. He is loyal however; he will wait until we slowly get our big meal back. He then moves in for the kill again. We are waiting with open arms.

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