The Day The Music Died

The Day the Music Died is the name of a poster I did when I was in college. The class was the Biology of Addiction and for our final we had to do a poster depicting the devastation and loss of addiction. I was fortunate to have grown up with the music of the 60’s and 70’s so I elected to do my poster on some of the musicians who died due to drugs and alcohol. The poster was fun to do yet I was reminded of the sadness at losing some of the greatest musicians that ever lived. Today I came across an article about Marilyn Monroe on the internet. It showed pictures of her in her prime and again I thought what a loss it was for one so young and beautiful to die of a drug overdose.

My husband has on occasion needed pain medication. He is the type that has his wisdom teeth removed with just Novocaine and then refuses the prescription for narcotics and elects to take Motrin. When he has needed pain medication he takes it as prescribed (can you imagine) and when the pain is gone he stops taking it. As a good wife I offer to take the rest off his hands-he declines.

Why can some people take narcotics and some can’t. Why can some people go through the ups and down of life without needing to hide behind drugs or alcohol and some can’t.

Today I find myself saddened by the lives that have been taken and the lives that even as I write this are in total devastation because of addiction and have no idea where to turn to stop. There are people who are going through the hell of withdrawal right now praying for the pain to stop. It doesn’t let up as they pray for strength to keep going until they are free. Addiction is called a disease but I am not sure non addicts really see it as a disease. A person in the absolute agony of cancer can go into any emergency and get pain medication. An addict in withdrawal may get something but it will be of little help and then are sent on their way. My sympathy is totally with cancer patients and I begrudge them nothing to help with their pain. I wish addicts were thought of in the same way.

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