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How Do I Get Self Esteem?

How do I get self esteem and how important is it for sobriety? All my life I have felt that I wasn’t good enough for anyone or anything. It may have started when I was very young and our neighbor

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Stinkin Thinkin

Stinkin thinkin is a term used in Alcoholics Anonymous to describe thoughts or perspectives that can lead the addict or alcoholic back to the drink or the drug. I take that one step farther and say that very little is

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Should Addicts Date Other Addicts?

Should addicts date other addicts? As a mother, my first thought is to say no. One of my daughters, (who is an addict) seems to gravitate towards dating other addicts and alcoholics. I thinks it speaks to her lack of

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Resentments and Anger Are Poison for the Alcoholic

Resentments and anger are poison for the alcoholic; there is nothing that can take us down faster. The truth is that alcoholics are notorious for resentments and blaming their drinking on everyone but themselves. Some imagined slight of 25 years

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