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Instant Sobriety

People who don’t understand alcoholism expect that five days in detox leads to instant sobriety. Wishful thinking but not realistic. We did not get to the bottom of the alcoholic barrel overnight and we are not getting sober overnight either.

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Triggers That Compromise Our Sobriety

Things that causes a desire for a drink or a drug are triggers that compromise our sobriety and need to be avoided if possible. Triggers can be situations, people, places, anything that we did while drinking on a constant basis.

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Afraid of Getting Sober

It doesn’t seem possible that anyone could be afraid of getting sober, however there is a tremendous amount of fear involved. Whether you are headed for a rehab or just thinking about putting down the drink it is the fear

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Is It Possible To Maintain Sobriety Without Help?

Is it possible to maintain sobriety without help? I have known of one person who was able to stay sober without God or Alcoholics Anonymous or any other help. That man was my father. The problem was that he was

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Life After Jail or Rehab

Life after jail or rehab requires vigilance. In both of these there is a certain amount of security in that all of your decisions are made for you. What you eat, what you do all day is planned for you.

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Interventions, Do They Work?

Interventions; do they work or do they just cause more unrest in a family that already has their share of misery. Interventions are when family and close friends confront the alcoholic in a group setting, in an effort to force

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Admitted We Were Powerless Over Alcohol

“We admitted we were powerless over alcohol and our lives had become unmanageable” is the first step of Alcoholics Anonymous. It seems pretty straight forward, but it is the toughest step an alcoholic or addict can take. It doesn’t matter

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Life After Rehab

The day comes when you have to go home. My experience with leaving a rehab is that life immediately tries to bite you in the butt. In rehab, there is a schedule that literally tells you what you need to

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Alcoholism- Choice or Disease

Most people are aware of the meaning of addiction relapse. After having some clean and sober time, the addicted person goes back to the drink or drug. It is frightening for the family of the alcoholic or addict, but I

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Going to AA Meetings

There is still a stigma attached to going to AA meetings, however, I owe every sober breath I take to Alcoholics Anonymous and its principals. It was started in Akron, Ohio by Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith, in June

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