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Addicted to Chaos

Many people are addicted to chaos as a way of life and think it is normal and okay. For these people there has to be something to get upset about everyday or they will invent or cause something to happen.

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The Sadness of Addiction

The sadness of addiction really hit home for me this past weekend. I have a brother who has been the black sheep of the family for years. He has had very little contact with any one in my family. He

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What is the Second Step of Alcoholics Anonymous?

The second step is when the spiritual part of Alcoholics Anonymous begins. It says “Came to believe that a power greater than ourselves can restore us to sanity”. Many people have mixed feelings or even anger when it is implied

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Gratitude is Essential for Alcoholics and Addicts

Gratitude is essential for alcoholics and addicts in recovery. Here are some things to be grateful for: For being sober. For making well thought out decisions For bad days that make us appreciate the good days. For remembering what we

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