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More on the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous

I thought I would do more on the twelve steps of Alcoholics Anonymous(AA) as there appears to be some interest in it on my site. My experience has been that people who really want to be sober understand that there

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The Definition of Insanity

The definition of insanity is repeating the same behavior expecting different results. This is actually not the real definition but its not that far from the truth. One of the real definitions of insanity is a “deranged state of mind”

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What is Step One of Alcoholics Anonymous?

Step One of Alcoholics Anonymous is “admitting we are powerless over alcohol and that our lives have become unmanageable.” Admitting that we are powerless over anything can be hard to swallow for anyone, but for the alcoholic it is almost

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One Day At A Time

One day at a time is one of the slogans that Alcoholics Anonymous uses as a tool for staying sober. AA has many wonderful slogans and at times I have found strength in almost all of them. The term “One

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