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Fear is in all of us and especially in the alcoholic. Fear is what drives us to all kinds of behaviors. Most people would argue that they are not afraid, but if you look deeply you will probably find that

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I Am Powerless!

I am powerless is a hard thing to come to terms with. It doesn’t matter if it is alcohol, drugs, food or cigarettes. I have battled all of these addictions at one time or the other in my life much

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Sitting With Pain

Sitting with pain be it emotional or physical is hard to do for anyone but especially for the addict or alcoholic. I have been feeling pretty good lately on both levels. God has blessed me with hope which is a

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Welcome to 911Addiction

Welcome to 911Addiction. Addiction takes many forms. When most people think of addiction, they think of alcohol and drugs. Anything that keeps you in bondage where you have no control is addiction. This can come in the form of food,

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