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Drunk At A Substance Abuse Meeting

Is it appropriate to come drunk to a substance abuse meeting? I was in a group yesterday and the person sitting next to me had obviously been drinking. I truly care about this person but I left the meeting angry

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Enabling or Supporting

Am I enabling or supporting my child? This is a question many parents ask themselves when dealing with a son or daughter addicted to drugs or alcohol. I have never been a fan of “tough love”. I have always argued

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Suboxone Friend or Foe

Is Suboxone a friend or foe? Suboxone is a medication used to help with opiate addiction. Buprenorphine combined with naloxone is the chemical name for Suboxone. Another substance with the same properties as Suboxone is called Subutex. which also has

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The Day The Music Died

The Day the Music Died is the name of a poster I did when I was in college. The class was the Biology of Addiction and for our final we had to do a poster depicting the devastation and loss

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Sponsorship in Alcoholics Anonymous

Sponsorship in Alcoholics Anonymous is not a job that should be taken lightly. A sponsor is someone who makes suggestions, at times gives advice and is a sounding board for another alcoholic. He/she can be tough a times and say

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The Degradation of Addiction

The degradation of addiction is appalling and adds to the shame we already feel. The need to get our drug or drink is so strong that we will debase ourselves to get it. We will say or do anything it

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“Cunning, Baffling, and Powerful”

Cunning, baffling and powerful is a description of the disease of alcoholism according to Alcoholics Anonymous. It is cunning because the disease can stay in the background patiently. We can be living a sober life and then one day the

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Relapse Happens Long Before The first Drink

Relapse happens long before the first drink and it is about attitudes. The first time we don’t do something we say we will do, we are on the way to a relapse. The first bad attitude that we let fester,

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I Am Powerless!

I am powerless is a hard thing to come to terms with. It doesn’t matter if it is alcohol, drugs, food or cigarettes. I have battled all of these addictions at one time or the other in my life much

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Sitting With Pain

Sitting with pain be it emotional or physical is hard to do for anyone but especially for the addict or alcoholic. I have been feeling pretty good lately on both levels. God has blessed me with hope which is a

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