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Negative Emotions in Sobriety

Negative emotions in sobriety are difficult to deal with largely because we felt that our problems would go away once we became sober. Anxiety can cause heart palpitations, a nervous stomach and a general feeling of unrest. Depression can cause

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Things That Trigger Addicts To Relapse

Things that trigger addicts to relapse have to be identified to keep us sober. Triggers are situations, places, people and emotions that cause us to think about taking a drink or a drug. An obvious trigger would be going to

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Alcoholism in the Elderly

Alcoholism in the elderly population is on the rise. It isn’t always noticed by family members because symptoms are attributed to the aging process. Alcohol related medical problems are responsible for more hospitalizations in the elderly than heart attacks. It

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Is Sobriety Possible Without AA or NA?

Is sobriety possible without AA or NA? Many people, including myself have stayed sober with out Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous. I managed to stay clean and sober on my own for eight years. My father stayed sober for 15

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Gratitude is Essential for Alcoholics and Addicts

Gratitude is essential for alcoholics and addicts in recovery. Here are some things to be grateful for: For being sober. For making well thought out decisions For bad days that make us appreciate the good days. For remembering what we

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Alcoholism- Choice or Disease

Most people are aware of the meaning of addiction relapse. After having some clean and sober time, the addicted person goes back to the drink or drug. It is frightening for the family of the alcoholic or addict, but I

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Alcoholism and Depression

Alcoholism and depression go hand in hand. Most alcoholics and addicts are depressed. They may not even know it. For years my doctor suggested I might be depressed. I always said I didn’t feel depressed. I got up early every

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