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Sick Of Addiction

At times I find myself sick of addiction. I am sick of my own addiction and sick of the people in my life who have addiction problems. I wonder why I ever pursued a college education to help other addicts

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Sober Living Houses in Connecticut

According to the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Service(DMHAS) there 160 Sober Living Houses in Ct. There are more but they are not certified through DMHAS. That is not to imply that they aren’t any good, they just haven’t

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What is an Alcohol Blackout?

An alcohol blackout is a temporary form of amnesia during alcohol consumption. There are two forms of an alcohol blackout. One is called fragmentary (also called brownouts) during which moments of time are forgotten. The other type is called en

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The Empty Nest Syndrome

The Empty Nest Syndrome doesn’t seem like subject matter that belongs on an alcohol and drug website. Anything that has the potential to bother me enough to think of taking a drink or a drug belongs on my site. When

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My Will Be Done

My first sponsor said my mantra should be “my will be done”. She lovingly pointed out how often I said I will at the start of a sentence. Unfortunately what usually went a long with that was my stubbornness to

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Enabling or Supporting

Am I enabling or supporting my child? This is a question many parents ask themselves when dealing with a son or daughter addicted to drugs or alcohol. I have never been a fan of “tough love”. I have always argued

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The Devil Within Me

The devil within me is difficult to deal with considering I am on a first name basis with Jesus. The devil’s name is alcohol and drug abuse and this devil plays havoc with my personality. My husband and children know

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I Am Powerless!

I am powerless is a hard thing to come to terms with. It doesn’t matter if it is alcohol, drugs, food or cigarettes. I have battled all of these addictions at one time or the other in my life much

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Alcoholism in the Elderly

Alcoholism in the elderly population is on the rise. It isn’t always noticed by family members because symptoms are attributed to the aging process. Alcohol related medical problems are responsible for more hospitalizations in the elderly than heart attacks. It

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Addiction to Food

In the past when I have heard the word addiction, I immediately thought of alcohol and drugs. I now understand that not only am I addicted to drugs, alcohol and cigarettes, I am addicted to overeating as well. In some

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