Suboxone Friend or Foe

Is Suboxone a friend or foe? Suboxone is a medication used to help with opiate addiction. Buprenorphine combined with naloxone is the chemical name for Suboxone. Another substance with the same properties as Suboxone is called Subutex. which also has Buprenorphine without the naloxone. Both work the same way as Methadone works for heroin addiction. No matter how much of your drug of choice you take you will not feel high. Suboxone, Subutex and Methodone block the high that drugs give us. Sounds like wonder drugs to me-but are they? Or are we just exchanging one drug for another. For the purposes of this article I will only refer to Suboxone but Subutex is part of it.

Active addicts spend each day chasing the next high. We spend money we don’t have and we will go anywhere to get our high. Our addiction comes before our kids and our spouses. We will lie, cheat and steal to get that high. We lose jobs, homes, kids and marriages and still we keep chasing that high. Imagine if someone offered a pill that would stop all that. It would be difficult to say no to it.

For some addicts, when they first start taking Suboxone they feel as though they are high.. It is different than pain medication or heroin but it is still a high that can last for hours. The medical people in the addiction community do not agree that there is a high with first time usage of Suboxone but that is not true according to some of the people I have interviewed.

Several of the people I interviewed said that for them Suboxone was working great. They were staying off drugs, they felt great and life was getting so much better. One woman I spoke to happened to be one of the women that had felt high from taking Suboxone at first. She kept hoping for the high like when she first started Suboxone by taking more than was prescribed. This woman felt she had traded one drug for another. Several others in the group agreed with her.

Suboxone can be difficult to get off of as well according to several people I interviewed. This group claimed that even when the dosage was lowered down to 2mgs a day, (8mg being the top dose given) when the Suboxone was finally stopped they had a very difficult time. Apparently the withdrawal symptoms were quite severe.

As with any medication we have to be informed about how it works, possible side effects and addiction possibilities. Unfortunately when people start a new drug whether it is for an illness or addiction it is difficult to make good decisions because the body and/or mind feel so bad. I think there is a place for Suboxone in our society as long as the prescribing doctor holds the patient accountable at all stages of use.

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