Spirituality in Addiction

Spirituality in addiction is a touchy subject for many people. Many people don’t believe in God or don’t believe He will help them through addiction. I have believed in God since I was a little girl and throughout my struggles with addiction I have seen Him work in my life.

I think part of the problem is that some people who call themselves Christians are not living the Christian life as it was set up in the Bible. Living the Christian life is about not judging others. The Bible says” judge not lest ye be judged”. Yet so many people who claim they are Christians judge everyone. Many so called Christians put themselves on a pedestal and believe that the way they live their lives is the only way to God. They often claim that what they believe is the right way and everyone else is going to Hell.

The Bible that I have read talks about a God that so loved His people that He gave them chance after chance to turn to Him. The New Testament talks about a man named Jesus who associated with drunks, prostitutes, and crooked tax collectors. His outlook was if someone asks for your shirt give him your coat too. If someone hits you on the cheek turn and let him hit the other one as well. Jesus’ idea of a fun evening was sitting around with His friends drinking wine. When there wasn’t enough wine at a wedding He attended, He turned jugs of water into wine. He talked of love being the greatest attribute that we can have. This love is not judgmental or conditional.

This is the God and Jesus that have held my hand through the hell of addiction and withdrawal time and time again. They have never turned their back on me even when it seemed that I turned by back to them.

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