Sober Living Houses in Connecticut

According to the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Service(DMHAS) there 160 Sober Living Houses in Ct. There are more but they are not certified through DMHAS. That is not to imply that they aren’t any good, they just haven’t applied for that kind of certification.

A sober living house is a residential facility that offers structured living for people in recovery from drug and alcohol abuse. It is somewhere for them to go if they have no home to go to or if that home is unstable and not conducive to sobriety.

Sober Homes are same sex and usually two to a bedroom. The do not provide professional therapy, however there are mentors that volunteer to come in a few hours a day to spend time with the woman and there is also peer support between the residents reinforcing recovery. Each resident is responsible for their own medication ,there are no medical people on staff. Some medications are not allowed in the home and a resident may be refused a bed based on the medication. For instance two medications used for opiate addiction known as Suboxone and Methadone are not allowed. People with outstanding criminal warrants will be refused a bed. Each sober home provides a furnished house; couches, beds, tables and chairs ect. It has to have a fully working kitchen and one bath for every six people. Food is not furnished, each resident must provide their own food and no one is allowed to touch anyone’s food. The rent is about 120.00-140.00 per week utilities are included in that.

Each sober home has a manager that lives in the home with the woman. She may work outside the home but is usually reached by phone for any problems. The manager typically has at least two years experience with substance abuse or has been in recovery for at least a year.

Sober Living Homes can be a wonderful experience as long as the home is run properly and all residents respect each other. When problems do happen hopefully the issues can be talked about and everyone has the good of the home at heart.

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