Sick Of Addiction

At times I find myself sick of addiction. I am sick of my own addiction and sick of the people in my life who have addiction problems. I wonder why I ever pursued a college education to help other addicts and alcoholics. The lies and manipulations that addicts are so very good at make me want to pull my hair out. I can drive down main street where I live and I know that there are dealers on every corner waiting to ruin someone’s life with their chemicals. At times like this I can understand why people who aren’t addicted lose patience with people who are.

For whatever reason God gave me an ability to feel empathy and sympathy for the addict and alcoholic. I know in my heart that the addict doesn’t want to be this way. Take the big, tough looking black man walking down the street hooked on heroin. He looks like he could snap a person in half with one hand, but deep down inside he is crying because heroin has a hold on him and won’t let go. How about the beautiful blonde soccer mom with three smart kids. On the outside she has it all except when she goes to her hiding place to quickly pop some percocet before she starts dinner. Then there is the daughter who disappeared for a day and a half and comes into mom’s bedroom crying because once again crack has her in its grips.

Suddenly I remember why I decided to go to college to become an alcohol and drug counselor. Without people like me addicts and alcoholics don’t stand a chance. For the most part the world has no sympathy for the addict. Its the old saying of “why can’t you just stop”. I will go out on a limb here and say that it has to be one of the most ignorant questions I have ever heard. Who in their right mind would live the life of hell that addiction brings if it was that easy to stop. I have to end my article here because I have to bring my daughter to another rehab in the hopes that this is the last one she will need. Yes I am sick of addiction but I love the addict.

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