Self Discipline In Sobriety

The importance of self-discipline in sobriety is often over-looked and yet it is so important. Alcoholics Anonymous suggests that whatever we put before sobriety we will lose.

I was visiting a friend in the hospital a few days ago. She is also a recovering alcoholic with 25 years of sobriety under her belt. I noticed that she had 5 books sitting on her table pertaining to recovery. I picked up the 24 hour book from Alcoholics Anonymous and as I was looking through it I remembered that I used to read this book every day. As a matter of fact, I used to read the Bible and the 24 hour book before I started each day. Somewhere along the way I stopped doing it. Something else became more important.

I am ashamed to say that I am not sure where my 24 hour book is, however, I will find it today. This is also a case of where one alcoholic can help another sometimes without saying a word.

Tomorrow morning my Bible and my 24 hour book will be sitting on my nightstand and after I get my coffee I will read them both and I will remind myself that whatever I put before my sobriety I will lose.

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