Plant A Seed For Sobriety

If you plant a seed for sobriety you will mostly likely be rewarded with a flower or plant. It takes work as you water the plant and make sure it has the appropriate lighting and soil. It also takes time. You won’t see a sprout for awhile and yet underneath the soil there is growth going on.

Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are one way of planting the seed for sobriety. Many people don’t like AA meetings the first time or even the first few times. The alcoholic may feel as though they got nothing out of it and have no plans to go back. Without knowing it they were planting a seed that somewhere down the road may begin to sprout. On some level the alcoholic knows that Alcoholic Anonymous meetings are a possibility if things get really desperate.

Planting a seed can go both ways in the world of addictions. When I first put down the drink I was told by my sponsor to stay out of bars because even though I didn’t take a drink that time it may very well set me up(plant a seed) for taking a drink the next time I went into a bar. When I say going to a bar I really mean a restaurant where there is a bar in close proximity to our table. My relatives enjoy celebrating birthdays in restaurants. I have gone a few times but I am not comfortable even though it has been a while since I have taken a drink. I do not want to plant a seed where drinking becomes a struggle for me again.

I am a recovering opiate addict whose drug of choice is pain medication. When I was using I would check out peoples medicine cabinets and often struck gold. Sometimes now when I go to someones house I think about checking the medicine cabinet but I don’t. While I might not take anything at that time I know that it is there and can set myself up for (plant a seed) the next time when I might not be as strong.

Spring time has come to New England and I am excited to see all the flowers shoot up through the soil where the seed or bulb has lie dormant for the winter. It brings to mind all the seeds I have planted for my recovery and all the seeds I don’t want to plant for my downfall.

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