My Personal Goal

One of my personal goals has been to write one hundred articles for my website. It has taken a couple of years to do this but when I publish this article I will have reached my goal. I have not been as disciplined as I wanted to be and I always want instant results.

This website has taught me something about slowly working toward a goal. It is about putting one foot in front of the other and not always looking for the end result. As I said I always wanted instant results and typically lost interest in anything that didn’t offer me that. I have had many conversations with people where they spoke of having goals and typically the conversation bored me. I have been asked by people what my goals were and I had to manufacture some just so I didn’t appear unintelligent but inside I was thinking who cares about goals.

Without knowing it there is a goal I have had for 30 years, that goal is to end my life sober. I haven’t always had instant results. I have had relapses and there have been times where I was sober but not happy-white knuckle sobriety. I have been in the depths of hell with drug addiction and I have been to the mountain of sobriety with God. Both of these places I have been while writing for this website. I have often thought who do I think I am trying to help anyone and I can’t draw a sober breath. Those were the times when I just let the website go and didn’t write anything.

Can I help anyone with my articles-I’d like to think so. If nothing else I learned that I have goals and I guess I like that. Next time someone asks me what my goals are I will point them to 911Addiction and with any luck it will be a person that needs to hear what I have written.

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