More on the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous

I thought I would do more on the twelve steps of Alcoholics Anonymous(AA) as there appears to be some interest in it on my site. My experience has been that people who really want to be sober understand that there has to be a change in our way of doing things. Whatever way we have done our lives up until now has not worked very well. We are desperate to stay sober and open to anything that will help.

Step One: Admitted we were powerless over alcohol and our lives have become unmanageable. I have heard people say that this is the most important step and that does make sense. Until we understand on a gut level what alcohol or drugs are doing to us then there will be no need to change. To ask people to whom control means everything, to admit to not being in control it is a scary proposition. For me there have been moments where I could say without a doubt that I am an addict and an alcoholic and other times where I just cannot believe such a strange idea. The idea of being a drunk conjures up pictures of the skid row bum in the alley not a reasonably attractive and intelligent mother of two living in a nice house driving around in a car with at least some money in my wallet or a bank card with access to money. The bottom line is the skid row bum and I have something in common we are both drunks who are powerless over alcohol whether we like it or not.

Step Two: Came to believe that a power greater than ourselves can restore us to sanity. To be restored to sanity means that at some point we had to be insane. This conjures some not so nice pictures as well. The poor man or women trapped in a mental hospital getting shock treatments or worse because they are considered insane. How can I be insane when I take care of my family and I have friends. I work , I clean my house and the state I live in seems to think I know how to drive a car. Am I insane just because when I drink I cannot remember what I did the night before? It is insanity to write checks for alcohol even though I know that I have a zero balance in my account. Is it crazy to wake up every day thinking I won’t drink today and by four a clock I have a beer in my hand. If I am not insane I at least know there is a problem and there is Someone who can help me fix it.

Thankfully I have always had a relationship with God. Many people want nothing to do with the idea of God and AA has an answer for that. Just believe there is something bigger than you. Believe that there is someone or something that may know more than you about drinking. You can make the people in AA your higher power. There are many different religions and most have a central character that you can look up to. For a long time my daughter made the earth her higher power-whatever it takes believe there is something greater that yourself.

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