Just Say No

“Just say no”was Nancy Reagan’s answer to drug and alcohol abuse. I will be honest and say I have never put much stock in it. It may have worked for some young kids who like cutsey little phrases but in the dark, cruel world of drug abuse it is not very effective. Drug addicts and alcoholics typically wake up every day thinking no I will not give into this again today. By four pm if not before they are back at it.

I was sitting in a group today and sadly one of the woman admitted that she had been using drugs on and off for the past two weeks. She had been clean for a year and found herself high once again. She spoke of feeling like a bad person and that it would be her last slip. Prior to her slip she kept saying no over and over again but it didn’t help.

Having said all of that I think the word “no”does have its place in sobriety. After we have been clean and sober for awhile there will inevitably come a time when that little voice suggests that we can handle having one drink or one pill. At that moment a loud resounding NO! Will probably do the trick along with finding something to do and getting the thought out of our head. Although I am an alcoholic I have not had nor wanted a drink for quite some time. My husband likes to try different beers so occasionally he or his son will buy a six-pack of some strange new beer. The last time he had a beer he asked me if I wanted to try a sip of it. I am pretty sure that one sip will not open up the door to alcohol abuse for me. However, I said no thank you. I know how insidious my addiction is and that it can rear its ugly head when I least expect it.

Maybe Mrs. Reagan had a good idea after all. “Just Say No”might be more than a cutsey little phrase.”Just For Today”(AA) let’s “Just Say No”.

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