Jesus Drank Why Can’t We?

If Jesus drank why can’t we is a question I have asked myself many times. His first miracle was turning the water into wine in Cana of Galilee. There were many references to Jesus drinking wine. If He is the one who sets the gold standard for behavior then drinking should be fine. I am not being sarcastic about this. I have tried for many years to pattern myself after Him. It goes without saying that I fall short so often. I start the day determined to do the next right thing and by 6:00 am I blowing it just with my thoughts never mind my actions.

The times when I have actually pulled off being a decent person, I have felt wonderful. Why is it such hard work? Why do I have to force myself to be nice to others? Why do I have to try so hard to stay sober and drug free? Jesus allowed Himself to be beaten, spit upon and whipped. In the Bible it says that people walked by Him without even noticing Him. How can we not notice the Son of God? Why is it when someone jumps ahead of me in the line at the grocery store, I literally want to hit them? Why am I the first one to complain to a store manager when one of their employees doesn’t treat me like the princess that I am and yet I walk by a homeless person and feel disdain toward them? I am proud that I have read the Bible three times and yet I have missed the message every time.

It sounds as though I am berating myself and to a certain extent I am. On the bright side it matters to me that I fall short of the way that Jesus lived. It matters to me that everyday I wake up and I want to do the next right thing even if by 6:00 a.m. I am blowing it. No I can’t drink like Jesus did. I can do other things that Jesus did. I can stay sober and carry the message to other alcoholics. I can wear a smile even though at times I feel ugly inside. I can be the miracle to others who have suffered with the disease of alcoholism and drug abuse. In this day I can notice the Son of God in people.

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