Hungry, Angry, Lonely or, Tired

Hungry, angry, lonely or tired are four things we should not let ourselves become in sobriety. Alcoholics Anonymous has shortened this to Halt. They suggest that anyone of these situations can affect our sobriety.

It is always important to eat the right things. Our bodies can not function correctly if we have a diet of, for instance, too much sugar. We need protein, fruits and vegetables and dairy products. Without a proper balance of nutrients we will start to feel sluggish and irritable. Most of us while drinking or doing drugs didn’t eat properly if at all. So paying attention to our health especially when first sober is important.

Anger is an emotion that alcoholics and addicts never have the luxury of feeling. Part of remaining sober has to do with our actions and how we behave. There is no room in our lives to stay angry for very long or to act on angry emotions.

I have never felt lonely but I know people who feel that way often. Feeling sad and alone can lead to taking the drink or drug especially if self-pity enters the picture which it often does in loneliness. In the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), it doesn’t matter how much money you have or what kind of status you have in the community. It is just one alcoholic helping another. I have made many wonderful friends in AA that are at the other end of the phone if I need them.

I believe that being tired can lower my resistance mentally and physically. I can get irritable very fast and take many hostages with me. Not enough rest can lead to colds and other viruses. I don’t think it is possible to make good decisions when I am tired so I don’t. The proper amount of rest is just as important to our bodies as eating right.

There is no way to avoid being hungry, angry, lonely or tired once in awhile. The important thing is do to everything in our power not to remain there long. We need to eat well and get enough rest. Fellowship with other people whether they are alcoholics or not is key. Isolation is our downfall. Discussing angry emotions with a therapist or someone you trust can help with anger. Halt is about taking care of ourselves in order to avoid that first drink or drug.

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