Humor in Alcoholism

Is there humor in alcoholism? Alcoholism is a deadly disease and must be taken seriously. However, the ability to laugh at ourselves has always been therapeutic no matter what we are facing.

Many years ago, my first sponsor in Alcoholics Anonymous gave me a tape by Scott Redman. He was an AA comedian. He passed away several years ago, but his contribution to Alcoholics Anonymous was tremendous. He had the ability to tell his story of addiction with humor. He would talk of the things he did while drinking and using drugs, which were horrifying and yet when he spoke of them he was very funny. In early sobriety when I was trying to come to terms with my disease and its affect on me and my family, I would listen to him and really laugh for the first time in a long time. Alcoholism and drug abuse take away our ability to laugh. Fortunately, laughter returns as sobriety lengthens.

Father Martin is another well known humorist of alcoholism. Rev. Joseph C. Martin was a recovering alcoholic, and a leader in the fight against addiction. Father Martin was a co-founder of Father Martin’s Ashley, at a Hartford County treatment center in Maryland. He is quoted as saying,” It never occurred to me that perhaps there was something odd about a priest walking toward a garbage dump in the middle of the afternoon carrying two suitcases of clanking bottles”. He is well known for his lectures called “Chalk talk on Alcohol”, and “No laughing matter”.

Both Father Martin and Scott Redman brought humor back into my life in a time when I basically thought my life was never going to be okay again. Many times I will think of something they have said and I chuckle to myself. Alcoholism and drug abuse are a deadly disease and must be treated as so. I think it is also possible to look back on some of the things we did during active alcoholism and drug abuse and find humor and inspiration to continue the fight for sobriety.

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