Fighting the Good Fight

Fighting the good fight is a phrase taken from the Bible. Paul, a disciple of Jesus is at the end of his life and he speaks about how he fought the good fight and stood the course to spread the good word about Jesus. Paul was jailed and beaten for his faith. Paul suffered some kind of physical ailment that the Bible doesn’t really explain. His life was never easy and yet he never strayed from his mission to bring people to Jesus.

I believe in the Bible and while I would never think I could measure up to Paul, I do think I have fought the good fight for sobriety. Often alcoholics see themselves as weak because they can’t put down the drink or the drug. People who have never fought addiction often feel the same way. I have had a few relapses in my life that trouble me. I have seen people who stop drinking the first time they try and go on to be sober for the rest of their lives. I have also seen people who relapse often.

The desire to be sober is the one thing in my life that never changes. There are days when sobriety comes easy and there are days that I struggle to maintain sobriety. The important thing is that I never give up. My husband and I have suffered because of my addiction. It has caused financial problems in the past. There were times when he felt he needed to walk away and there were times when I wanted to kill myself because I couldn’t put down the drug or the drink. What has kept us going was the knowledge that sobriety is something that I will always fight for.

I will keep fighting the good fight and I will stay the course for sobriety. The same can be said of most alcoholics and addicts. The disease of addiction has brought us to our knees time and time again and yet we struggle to stand again and again. So, are we really weak or are we really strong?

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