Fear and Faith

Fear and faith go hand in hand. Beneath any negative emotion an alcoholic or addict has is fear. Any one of these negative emotions can be driven away by faith.  Most people know that Alcoholics Anonymous is based on 12 steps as a way to live life and stay sober.  Step four is “Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves”.  In this step we make a list of personality traits and how they affect our interactions with others. It has been found through doing this step that every emotion has its genesis in fear.  I know that when I have done soul searching about how I behaved in a certain situation, I will find that fear is at the bottom of it.  Usually the fear is losing something that is important to me. It is not just about losing materialistic things; it is also about what people think of me.  Am I smart enough or pretty enough etc. Will people think less of me if I don’t drive a great car or live in a nice house?  It is all about fear.

Fear can be cast out by faith. It can be about faith in God. Faith that God thinks we are good enough and that He will take care of us. It is also faith in ourselves. Unfortunately, our behavior while we were drinking caused us to do many things we were ashamed of.  We cringe inside when we think of how we acted or things we said while we were using.  It is only by being sober for awhile and showing others and ourselves that we have changed can we begin to let some of the shame go. As we begin to make good decisions again, we can start having faith in the outcome.

Fear is an unnecessary emotion that can stop us in our tracts.  When we are faced with a fearful situation, we can look at what it is that we think we are losing.  Most of the time we will see that being fearful isn’t necessary. Of course, there are situations when fear is necessary to keep us safe, but I think we all know the difference. Living without fear is freeing. We have been in bondage to our addiction long enough, let’s not be in bondage to fear any longer.

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