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Recovery Takes Time

Recovery takes time when it comes to really changing your life. The first part is putting down the drink or the drug and learning to live each day sober. I think the first year is about regaining health and learning

My Love Affair with Pain Medication

My love affair with pain medication rages on as I found out the other day. I have not craved any pain medication in a while. I wasn’t foolish enough to think I didn’t have a problem with it anymore but

Dealing With Sobriety

Dealing with sobriety can be really hard. I always thought that if I remained sober that life would automatically be easier. Suddenly my life would be better and everything would be great. It hasn’t quite turned out that way. Sobriety

Self Discipline In Sobriety

The importance of self-discipline in sobriety is often over-looked and yet it is so important. Alcoholics Anonymous suggests that whatever we put before sobriety we will lose. I was visiting a friend in the hospital a few days ago. She

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Is It Possible To Maintain Sobriety Without Help?

Is it possible to maintain sobriety without help? I have known of one person who was able to stay sober without God or Alcoholics Anonymous or any other help. That man was my father. The problem was that he was

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Things That Trigger Addicts To Relapse

Things that trigger addicts to relapse have to be identified to keep us sober. Triggers are situations, places, people and emotions that cause us to think about taking a drink or a drug. An obvious trigger would be going to

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Life After Jail or Rehab

Life after jail or rehab requires vigilance. In both of these there is a certain amount of security in that all of your decisions are made for you. What you eat, what you do all day is planned for you.

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Relapse Happens Long Before The first Drink

Relapse happens long before the first drink and it is about attitudes. The first time we don’t do something we say we will do, we are on the way to a relapse. The first bad attitude that we let fester,

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