Beauty for Ashes

Beauty for ashes is a scripture in the Bible. It can be found in the book of Isaiah, chapter 61 verse 3. As I have said before, it is not my wish to offend anyone with religion. However, I do believe in God and Jesus and I believe that the Bible is the Word of God. It would be impossible for me to write anything without the struggles I have had. I believe that He has allowed these struggles with addiction so I am better able to help another addict or alcoholic. If this article doesn’t appeal to you, perhaps some of the others I have written would be better.

The disease of addiction can bring us to very ugly places. Addiction can make us say and do things that hurt others. We hurt the people we love most of all. We also hate ourselves more than anyone could ever hate us. Before any of us can even think of trying sobriety, we have to pass through the depths of hell. I think the idea of hell, for most of us, conjures up pictures of blackness and ugliness and certainly as active alcoholics and addicts that is an accurate picture.  Even after we get some sobriety behind us, we look back on what we have done or said and still feel terrible.

I do think we need to look at the things we have done, but not as a way to beat ourselves up. We have done that enough. The Bible is filled with people who have screwed up. It is filled with people who have done really ugly things. The continuing thread in the Bible is that God sees what we do and loves us anyway. The passage of Isaiah talks about God giving us joy instead of mourning and beauty for ashes. Certainly the life we have led as addicts or alcoholics have often left us sitting in our own ashes.  Perhaps you can get a visual on sitting in a gray, war-torn area with smoke all over the place. We sit there with our head down in complete despair as we look at the mess that is our life. The Bible says that God wants to give us beauty for ashes. We need to put the guilt away and begin to mend and yes, see beauty instead of ashes.

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