Author: Laurie

You Are Only As Sick As Your Secrets

You are only as sick as your secrets is a slogan taken from Alcoholics Anonymous. These secrets can be things you are lying or covering up about or they can also be things you are refusing to deal with or

The Hopelessness of Addiction

The hopelessness of addiction is sad to watch in someone. I was talking to one of my neighbors recently and he told me he had just left a rehab for his addiction about nine days ago and two days after

Resentment in the Alcoholic and Addict

Resentment in the addict and alcoholic is probably the number one thing that will take them down. We are the kings and queens of wallowing in every imagined or real offense we have against some one. We can’t remember what

Out Growing Drug Addiction

Out growing drug addiction, is it possible? This past weekend I had the pleasure of going to a baby shower for my wonderful nephew’s wife. It was beautiful outside and as I strolled around the yard I began to think

The Secret Life of Addiction

The secret life of addiction is a lonely life. It can be exhausting and depressing trying to keep addiction a secret from everyone. There is no joy in the day as we struggle to keep a smile on our face.

Thinking Good Things

Thinking good things is a positive way for the addict and alcoholic to live their lives. I am an avid Bible reader and in fact the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous was based on the teachings of the Bible. In

Accepting What We Can’t Change

Accepting what we can’t change is one of the hardest things an alcoholic or an addict has to learn. We like things to stay just as they are no matter what that is. I just recently learned that my childhood

The Value of a Support System in Sobriety

The value of a support system in sobriety is key for the addict or alcoholic. I am not referring to Alcoholics Anonymous or some other recovery group. I am talking about the people in our lives that help us on

Exercising Our Free Will

Exercising our free will is a gift that was given to us by God. Many people blame God for the mess the world is in and for the mess our lives are in. Alcoholics Anonymous suggests that the active alcoholic

Recovery Takes Time

Recovery takes time when it comes to really changing your life. The first part is putting down the drink or the drug and learning to live each day sober. I think the first year is about regaining health and learning