Afraid of Getting Sober

It doesn’t seem possible that anyone could be afraid of getting sober, however there is a tremendous amount of fear involved. Whether you are headed for a rehab or just thinking about putting down the drink it is the fear that often stops someone from taking that first step. For most of us drinking was a hellish experience. We lost jobs, spouses, children and other family members. Some of us had lost our license to drive a car. Many of us had no where to live and no money to buy food. Our livers are shot as well as many other health issues related to drinking. No matter how bad it was, we were used to it.

As we are thinking about checking into a rehab we don’t know what will happen when we get there. Will we be left to suffer all kinds of unpleasant physical symptoms? If we are smokers, will there be a place to do that or do we just crave cigarettes and nobody cares. Are we allowed phone calls or visitors are or we on our own. Does our family even care about us at all? How long do we have to stay ?(I have an article here on my website about what to expect when going to a rehab that might be helpful.)

Most of us have been drinking for a long time and we have learned to live our lives a certain way. We know that sobriety will be different but will it be any fun? How do we get through holidays and picnics with out drinking? Hopefully we will be attending Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) where we will meet people with our problem that we can get support from and yes have fun with. I have spent many a meeting laughing. What alcoholism took from us did not happen over night and learning how to have a productive, happy life is going to take some time as well. There is a big mess to clean up and it is done one step at a time. The good thing is that everyday that is spent sober will find us feeling better. There is an old saying which has helped many times “do it scared but do it “.

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