Accepting What We Can’t Change

Accepting what we can’t change is one of the hardest things an alcoholic or an addict has to learn. We like things to stay just as they are no matter what that is. I just recently learned that my childhood home may be up for sale and that one of my family members might be really sick. My life has been going along fairly smoothly lately. There have been no highs or lows which is how I like my life to be. I prefer monotony as apposed to chaos. Spring is almost here and we have had some warm weather for the last few days.

In the space of one week I have been dealt two difficult blows and I don’t know how to process what I am feeling. It is easier to stay sober when life is going well. When we are faced with difficult situations the first thing we think about is how to make the bad feelings go away. For the addict and alcoholic it can mean drinking and doing drugs. At the very least it is an excuse to act irrationally promoting chaos all around us. It can be a time of self-pity wanting everyone to know how bad we are feeling.

We can choose to accept these bad situations and go through them with grace and maturity. For me this is a time when journaling can help tremendously. Finding a person to talk to is also extremely helpful. Both of these situations I am facing could have a huge impact on me emotionally. Losing my childhood home can open many of the old wounds from childhood. No matter how bad our childhood may have been we still hold onto it. It has made us who we are today. Obviously losing someone we love to illness will have issues of abandonment at the very least. This is a time when I will need to use every tool I have learned in Alcoholics Anonymous to stay sober. I will draw strength from my faith in God and I will choose to act appropriately.

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